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Supplementary Statement on Our Relationship with TranslateCN

TranslateCN (“推特翻译”) has never been a product of our organization. We have listed them on our Friends links, along with Project Trans (formerly

We were the supervisory consultant of TranslateCN, responsible for their public relationship management from May 3 to June 25, 2023, but we have never been their administrators nor had the privilege to add/delete content or accounts. Please refer to our Statement on the Recent Infringement Controversy of the "Translation/Selected" Series Accounts and Our Relationship with Its Operator, the "Xiyu" Group.

We opened an email address, “[email protected],” on May 31 for public affairs related to TranslateCN. Effective June 25, we only provide legacy support through this address. During this time, we have not received any complaints regarding copyright violations, except for a spoofing email. Throughout our supervisory period, we did not find any evidence that TranslateCN committed copyright infringement. We have not observed any behaviours or signs of not following the principles of fair use, but we still apologize for their failure to consider the sentiments of original authors and not following the rules of Chinese Fediverse community, which lead to our dissociation.

The recently founded new Xiyu (“细雨”) Workgroup (since June 25) has never been a subsidiary of One Among Us.

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