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One Among Us

A community for East-Asian and East-Asian Canadian transgender and gender diverse people.

Hi! We are One Among Us, proudly a registered not-for-profit organization, but more proudly a community of the great East Asian and East Asian-Canadian transgender and gender diverse family. We provide peer and community support for our fellows, aiming to build connection between travelers and those in our hometown.
We started as a memorial site for Chinese transgender people and allies who passed away. We believe that both those who are still living and those who had passed away are important members of our community, are the “Ones” Among Us.

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In November 2021, Azalea, Yvette and their friends started a website to mourn their transgender friends. The website was launched before 2021's Transgender Day of Remembrance. It was named by Maura. “One Among Us” — represents that both those who are still living and those who had passed away are members of our trans and gender non-conforming community. As they wrote on the front page:

Perhaps the names written on the monuments made of stones do not convey what they really are, but we can remember them properly by building monuments made of zeros and ones with our hearts.

On Dec 15, 2022, One Among Us was incorporated as a registered NPO in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We believe the incorporation isn't just a change in name; the NPO status will certainly help with our work.

On Mar 13, 2023, we lost our beloved member, ArtsEpiphany, to her mental health condition. We named our new online-arts-gallery project “Arts Among Us” in memory of her.

We now have one full-time coordinator and more than ten part-time volunteers. Some of them work in Canada; others work outside Canada.

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