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Statement on the Recent Infringement Controversy of the "Translation/Selected" Series Accounts and Our Relationship with Its Operator, the "Xiyu" Group

  1. Since May 2023, "Xiyu" has entrusted One Among Us ("our organization" hereinafter) to manage its public affairs. However, during the management process, it did not disclose to us the details of its operation (such as criticism of it, and user blocking rules, etc.), which led the directors of our organization to make a wrong judgment of the incident and issue unclear statements with one of them's personal account. We apologize for not having detailed information of the operations of the team supervised by us.

  2. After this incident, our organization immediately proposed to "remove all content on Mastodon that the author did not authorize to reproduce, issue a public apology, and publish the operation situation" as a recommendation to rectify the situation. However, after our first contact, "Xiyu" still refused to accept our rectification suggestions, and did not clean up all unauthorized reprinted content and delete the number in time, and its Mastodon account has been blocked by We regret and lament this practice of "Xiyu" and its result.

  3. Except for the above public affairs and supervision, the accounts and operations of our organization and "Xiyu" are completely separate. Our organization does not have the authority to access the admin authority of any of the public SNS accounts of "Xiyu", nor does it have the ability to respond in a timely manner. Again, this was a mistake on the part of our organization, and we apologize for it.

  4. As a result of the above, our organization is no longer capable of supervising and managing the public affairs of the "Translation/Selected" accounts. Therefore, with immediate effect, our organization is relieved of its affiliation with the "Xiyu" team. Once again, we apologize profusely to the creators and the public involved in this matter. We have always emphasized respect for the rights of creators to express themselves and for community rules in online communities such as Fediverse, and we will continue to do so in our future work. We will reflect deeply on this mistake and try to avoid such mistakes in our future work. In particular, we apologize to Ms. Ai Daxun on Douban, who claimed to be hurt from this.

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