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The Flag and Anthem of One Among Us

We released the flag and anthem of our organization recently.

The Flag: Double-Flowered Cherry Blossom

The Flag of One Among Us◎ The Flag of One Among Us

The Anthem: Star Tour Song

『星めぐりの歌』 宮沢賢治 作詞/作曲

Star Tour Song, from *The Complete Work of Miyazawa Kenji*, Chikuma Shobō◎ Star Tour Song, from The Complete Work of Miyazawa Kenji, Chikuma Shobo

Can you see the red eyed Scorpion?

And the Eagle spreads his wings so wide

Over there the blue-eyed young Puppy

See the coiled up Serpent of the light

Orion sings from far away

It drops it’s dew and frost from the sky

Can you see the cloud of Andromeda

Looking just like the lips of a fish

See the Mama Bear’s pawn up in the north,

Take five steps south and you will find

The shining Little Cub’s head is the key

Guiding us to the soul of the sky

(English translated by Lindsay)

Licensed under CC BY 4.0